Indiana Student Info

PharmacyTrainer Schools, LLC is an approved Pharmacy Technician training course by the Indiana Board of Pharmacy. (#98000755A)

Before you take any pharmacy technician training in Indiana, we highly recommend that you be sure it is an approved course. When you take an approved course it means that you have fulfilled all of your educational requirements. Once you complete our course and receive our certificate of completion you are able to apply for your full pharmacy technician license. However, we recommend that you do not stop at this point. We highly recommend that you take one of the national pharmacy technician certification examinations. There are two organizations that offer certification examinations, but we highly favor the PTCB for its acceptance by advanced practice employers. So our recommendation is that students who complete our course take the PTCB examination as soon as possible after graduation.

You can verify our approval on the state’s website:  Click here to view  

You can also view the approval below:


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