Curriculum Topics

You will enjoy a “learning journey” through pharmacy that includes these topics:

The profession of pharmacy and the technician’s role
The importance of customer service
Regulatory agencies and laws that affect pharmacy
The process of bringing new drugs to market
Naming of drug products
Legal classifications of drug products
Requirements of the drug order
Interpreting and processing drug orders
Proper labelling of drug products
Proper use of the patient profile
Proper use of the medication administration record
Differing systems of measurement and how to convert between them
Proper ordering, maintenance, and control of pharmacy inventory and returns
Identifying and understanding the differences in handling controlled substances
Completely covers pharmacy calculations
The process of sterile and non-sterile compounding of drug products
Pharmacology and the concept of pharmacological classes
How the body metabolizes and eliminates drugs
Hazardous waste and its proper handling and disposal
Methods used to reduce medication errors in the pharmacy
Medication Therapy Management and the technician’s role
Disease states and their associated risk factors
The role of the technician in the administrative tasks in the pharmacy
Protected Health Information and patient privacy laws
Drugs used in common disease conditions
Natural products
Common vaccinations provided at the pharmacy and the technician’s role
Maintaining a safe work environment
State specific laws that affect the practice of pharmacy
…….and more!

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